Our Houses for You

Guest house Glory

“Glory” is suitable for housing 25 people or less.
On the 1-st floor is:

  • equiped kitchen with large fridge,
  • guest hall witn music system,
  • sauna,
  • two toilets with no shawer,
  • one room with 4single beds.

On the 2-nd floor is five bedrooms with toilet and shower.
On the 3-rd floor is one bedroom with toilet and no shower.

It is possible to rent any room separate.

Guest house Country

“Country” was the first and it’s a “father” of our complex. House located on the coast and brings the most beautiful view to the river side.
Suitable for 23 adult guests and 4 children.

On the 1-st floor is billiards and sauna, large terrace with tables and seats and amazing view to the river Perse.
On the 2-nd floor is celebration hall with balcony with great river view.
On the 3-rd floor is 9 bedrooms. There is also two toilets (one with the shower).

Little houses Fanny, Dream and Happy

Little houses “Fanny”, “Dream” and “Happy” is great for guesting 5 or less persons in each.

There is two double beds and one single bed, toilet and shower, little fridge and terrace with table in every house.

Our service

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Our guests could use for free:

  • catamaran,
  • rowing boat,
  • table tennis,
  • billiards,
  • badminton,
  • volleyball court,
  • barbecue,
  • barbecue terrace,
  • table games (kards, domino etc.),
  • Wi-Fi in the Glory и Country, other houses – for pre-request
  • for children – pencils, drawing, placticine, books etc.

Extra services

Also we could offer you babysitting, children watching, open-air games organisation for kids and adults. The price depends on games duration and number of involved persons.

By arrangement we offer dinner + breakfast – 15 euros per persona. For banquets we offer a special menu.